Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today music is faster and heavier than before. And they are accepted by most young people. Rock and Pop are the most popular music style. But there are so hard for my parents to accept. They prefer to listen to light and classical music. They like the traditional melody. It's so boring for me. But i believe that soft rock will be the next generation. Soft rock music can express people the real emotions with not so noisy melody. People need listen music to put off the stress that that have on work and in life. So music is keeping changing because people live in different time have different kinds emotions to express.


Thursday, February 24, 2005

BK in Chicago ~

3 days in Chicago

Last weekend I stayed in Chicago. I heard that Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the U.S and famous for sky scrapers. Anyway I went to Chicago. As expected, there are too many sky scrapers.

The first night, I went to the John Hankock Center that has a great view of Chicago. Then I made up my mind that in beatiful Chicago I had to chose some place which I really want to visit because my time was limited. I've liked American sports since before I came to America. So I decided to visit all of the stadiums in Chicago and then I visted the Cubs, Whitesox and Bulls stadiums to take pictures. I especially wanted to see the inside of the Cubs's home stadium (Wrigley field)
It was just a 3 day trip, but I can't forget all of my memories of Chicago


Cubs, WhiteSox : MLB Baseball Team
Bulls : NBA Basketball Team

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My travel

Hongju Jun
Feb 23 2005

Travel in New Orleans
I traveled in New Orleans last weekend. Pretty long trip cuz I took a train for 14 hours from Carbondale to New Orleans. It's my for the first time to take a amtrak so I was excited.
It was warm and sunny when I arrived there. And the slight wind felt pleasant! There wasn't anything better than at that time. First I looked for my inn. I tried to get a hotel near the French Quarter but that was very expensive. So I decided to get a hostel a little far from French Quarter.
At night, Bouburn Street was good place enjoy music and drink. There are many live bars and street musicians. On the other hand it is pretty wild there. Many people buzzed and girls sometimes flashed people.
I visited there during the Mardi Gras festival. So there were a lot of travelers and I could see some parades on the street. It was also exciting.
I won't forget this trip. And I'd like to visit there someday.

Traveling in Chicago

Traveling in Chicago

I went to Chicago with some other Koreans. I was excited before I left. And I was looking forward to seeing a big city in America. We went there by Amtrack. It took about 4 hours to arrive Chicago from Carbondale. Actually, Chicago was a really big city. I could see many tall and big buildings there. On the first day in Chicago, I went to the John Hancock center. I will never forget the beautiful scenery I saw. The next day, we went around downtown Chicago. Chicago is a typical American city. But for me, the city seems a little bleak. Personally, I don’t like the bleak atmosphere in cities. That means not only for Chicago but also other cities. Anyway,I experienced many good things in Chicago. In the evening we went to Navy pier. We also could see the beautiful scenery city there. We took many pictures but it was too bad that the weather was s ocold. The last day in Chicago, we went to an art museum. I was so glad that I could see many paintings there. I was happy when I saw Lunewar’s painting. The name is ‘At the piano.’ It is one of my favorite paintings. I saw many impressionistic paintings. But the museum was too large to see all the paintings in a short time, so I couldn’t go around the whole museum. We also went shopping. The price of goods in the shopping center where cheaper than I expected. I spent a good time in Chicago during all 3 days. I want to remember the time in Chicago for a long time.

Yi mi-rae

Trip To Chicago (by Junhui)

I had such a great time in chicago last week. First, I was quite impressed about chicage road maps. Chicago is so well-organized that it is easy to find places that people want to go. That made our trip easy. I went to chicago with bunch of friends. But we split into 3 groups of 3 when we started the trip because guys and girls have different interests-guys are more into sports, girls are more into shopping. But at night, we met up and shared different stories. Listening to different stories was the funniest part of our trip. What made us laugh is that B.K. and Jun-ki always bragged about their stories because they were very competitive with the other groups. I felt like the purpose of their trip was to tell us they had the most fun trip. In fact, B.K. said that they had to seek somewhere more exciting and more fun "to tell us" they are the best on trip, not enjoying themselves. So they kept seeking more exciting places even though they were very tired. That was so hilarious. They made me feel that I don't like to lose either.so I tried to do as many things as possible like them. I visited navy pier, chicago art museum, sears tower, John Hancock center, Millenium park. And I shopped the whole length of Michigan Avenue. Visiting a new place and seeing something new always make me happy.



Last weekends I went to Chicago.
Chicago was very big and has a beautiful night view. What I like the most about Chicago was the atmosphere of Chicago. It was enegetic and made me excitied. Also some people was very kind. When I asked where I want to go, they directed me very kindly.
However, there were some bad thing, too.
Anytime I could hear siren sound, maybe there were some accidents or crimes. It made me freak out. Also what I was shocked is the people who ignored the traffic light and crossed the street. It was not just on or two people, but several people.
Anyway I had a great time.


I didnot have a information about New York and book a hostel. I was not prepared to trip New York but I went to New York.
First day, I went to Empire State Building and Timesquare. When I arrived to Timesquare, I was surprising because there are too much neon sign and too many people on road. I took a picture with police, watched brilliant neon sign and walked night road.
Second day, I went to Central Park. There are many jogger and people taking a break. I like to stay a quite place. Some place in the Central Park was very quite. I took a break time and thought about my life.
Third day, I saw Statue of liberty and dropped by Wall Street. I took a picture with bull that symbolize Wall Street. I visited Columbia University at night.
I had a funny time in New York.

Korean party

Yesterday, we all threw a party.
At first we went to the international grocery store and bought some matrials to make some Korean foods. We bought some dduck, onion, ramen, kim-chi, etc. But we couldn't find the butcher to buy meat to cook Bool-go-gi, so we had to go to Wal-mart.
The next day we went to a Korean church and after that we went to Wal-mart by car. Some people in the Korean church brought us to Wal-mart in their car. We were very thankful for them.
In Wal-mart, we bought some rice, meat, beverages and so on. Arriving home, we had some dinner and started to prepare for our party.
Many people visited our dormitory and we were very happy. We cooked Korean foods such as dduck-bok-gi, Bool-go-gi and Kim-chi-gigimi. We all enjoyed that, although it was a little bit hot for our American guests. We really were thankful for them. We took a lot of pictures.
Afer the party was over, we had a conversation together. Everybody said it was a great party.


Four days in New York

I went to New York from Feburary 4th to 7th. I spent great time in New York. Most of all I impressed from the Brooklyn Bridge's night sightening. That was very beautiful and awesome!!
Most of things in New York were amazing and wonderful!^^ First day, we went Time's Square and Soho street. Time's Square was very huge, and I could see the wonderful technology place. And Soho street was so crowded. At night, we went to the Empire State Building. That was so amazing! On the 86th floor, we could see beautiful night sightening.^^ I took many pictures there.
Second day, we went to see the Statue of Liverty. I surprised when I saw the Statue of Liverty, because just I saw that in the movie. The weather was very nice so we could see all place near the island. And then we went to Wall street. That street was beautiful and peaceful^^ At night, we went Brooklyn Bridge. We went there at 6, so we could see the scenery of sunset. That was enough to make me facinate. I was really impressed there.
Third day, we went to Time's Square to see the musical. We should wait the row to buy musical ticket. At 1 o'clock, we could see the 'Beauty and the Beast'. That was very nice. I have the sound track og 'Beauty and the Beast', and I could hear the same voice. So I was very very happy to hear and see that. So amazing!!!!
The last day, we went to Central park, before we left. Central park was beautiful and the air in Central park was very fresh and nice..^^
I spent very great time in new York.^^

Chicago, Buffalo Trip

I made a reservatioin for the first night in the Hyatt Regency. It was a good choice. We shared a room and only paid $34 each. It's a reseonable price that I can not imagine in the peak time such as summer vacation.

The firstday in Chicago, We sent to the culture center first. Foutunately, we met a free volunteer guide and got introduced around Michigan Ave. and State street. After the guide tour we went to the Art Instute. We had a great time there, it's worth it!

I flew to Buffalo on the second day ot travel, not only to see Niagara Falls, but also to activate my canada working holiday visa. I applied for the visa last year and the visa's expiration date was not so far away. It's a once in a lifetime chance so I didn't want to let the chance go.

Buffalo was so calm and there were so few people on the street. But the city is guite bigger than Carbondale. I liked the city. The streets were very clean and the buildings were so fancy.

Niagara Falls was so big that I couldn't compare it to any other falls that I have seen. I also went to Canada. I got my visa acitvated and I bought some gifts for my grandmother.

On the way back, I just stopped in Chinatown, Chincago. I ate some dumplings which were very tasty.
I found this message in the cookie,
"Your are incredibly clever others often come to you for advice"
I just dreammed that it's true.


Monday, February 21, 2005

LA travel~!!

Above all, the purpose of this travel was to meet my friend who I met last march online. This friend is a penpal friend. Actually, we've talked a lot online, but it was the first time we met face to face. So I was very very nervous.
The first day, I visited Holly wood alone. It was nothing compared to meeting my friend. I met her and her friend. Now I have become friends with her friend as well as her. My friends are Chinese. So the first time when I meet them, I felt familiar with them, as we are all Asian. Anyway, they were very kind and good. They made me feel comfortable while I was in LA.
We went to Universial Studio(US) and Sant Monica Beach(SM). That was so nice. US had many sections. Each sections has their own character like Shrek, Terinator, Mummy and so on. That was all I've watched in a movie. Terminator 3D was a vertical image. It seemed alive!! I'm serious!! So cool. That was the most impressive thing. In SM, actually, I feel always since I've been in USA that the people who live in USA have latitude of mind. That is what I envy the most. In our country, the people usually want to hurry. Sometimes it's good for saving the time. But compared to usualy, I think it's bad.
Anyway, the day I came back, I had become close to her friedns and her family. I really regreted that I had to go back. I know if there is a meeting, there is also a parting. I don't know when I will meet them again. However I'll certainly do it!! At that time, I hope I'm good at Chinese also. Then I'll talk with her parents. Becasue I can't speak Chinese, so I didn't talk with them a lot.
I'm thankful to them. They gave me a special memory which I'll never forget.

Juhyoung Kim

Sunday, February 20, 2005

New York travel~!!

I couldn't believe everything I did in New York. Never thought I would be in New York, which is the economic and entertament, capital of the USA and something like that. Especially when I visited Statue of Liverty and Time's squrare, I was so impressed. I took many pictures and I'm writhing now. But I can't express what I experienced there in writing.I couldn't belive that I was watching the statue. The statue is a symbol of the USA. No, it's asymbol of the world's freedom. Wow! I recommend everyone visit New York. Around Time square, there are a lot of advertisements on many buildings' walls. And the Korean companies, Smasung and LG, were there, too. I was proud that I'm Korean. I also visited the Metropolitan museum which is the forth biggest in the world. It was too big. So I lost the way to the exit many times. Anyway, there was a Korean collection room, too. I heard about that from one of my group. All the items are from Lee Gunhee, who is the president of Samsung company. Wow. Great. He made many people know our Korean culture. Great man. I'd like to be that person.Lastly, I sawthe laocation of the Sept. 11th tragedy. It has been 3 and half years. However, it still remains like at that time. Almost 3X5 blocks disappeared. In the heart of a big city, it was pierced as if a hold. I was really sorry about it. Near the evry spot where the accident took place, there was a person, whose daugher died at that time. He explained his daugher's story and gaeve a kind of necklace to many people. It made me more sad. I wish there wasn't was any longer in ther world.
Juhyoung Kim

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Chicago travel~~!!

After all our classes were finished last chursday, we went to the Amtrak station. We had roung trip tickets reserved already, so we waited for the train. The train had two floors. The first floor was for old and handicapped people. Since I've came here, I've been surprised at facilites for handicapped person like automatic doors. Anyway, we got our seats were on the second floor. It took more than 5 hours to het to Chicago. As we got closer to Chicago, I was many tall buildings although it was dim and dark. At last, we arrived at Union station in Chicago and went to our hostel, asking some people how to het hthere. As soon as we hot to there, we slpet.The next day, it was our first day in Chicago. We separated into 3 groups. One group reserved another hotel, and the rest of us reserved the same hotel. Actually, we just booked one room to save money. That room had a double sized bads. So 6 people, including me, were scheduled to sleep together. We rewe looking for the hotel, looking at a map. We hot there. In fact, it was just for one block from the hostel we stayed at yesterday. So we checked in and then dropped off our baggage.At that point, our trip started. 2 groups were seperated with an appointment to meet together at the entrance of the John Hancock Center at 6:00 pm. Our group focused on like museums or art insititutions. We couldgo to the Art Institue of Chicago by foot,because our hotel was around the Loop area. Many buildings were together in the Loop. So we decided to walk. On the way to the Art Insititute, we saw a lot of tall buildings. What a surprise. We bought tichets and entered. There were many famous pictures I learined about when I was in art class in high school. I was impressed, especially by Van Gogh's and Monet't pictures. I felt marvelous. It was a live education that I've always dreamed of. On the first floor, there was a room for Korean collections. Because we are Korean, I felt weird. Actually things exhibited that I saw were rare i korea, too. But, how can they be here? We couldn't see all of them. I thinkit would require at least one day to see all of them. As we had a schedule, we came out from there.Next we went to Adler Planetarium. We had the discount discount ticket we bought in the youth hostel. So we cut off 20% of fee. I thought it was worse than I expected. It's for children. But I couldn't help it becasus We'd alredy paid the fee.It was warm. no, hot inside the building. I took off my scarf, gloves, and coat. After we went around everywhere, when we were about to go out, I put them on one by one. But I couldn't find my gloves!! After all I came out withought the gloves. I gave up. My hands seemed frozen because I was using a tripod to take good pictures. The next place we went was Shedd Aquarium. At the front of the entrance, there was a BIG FISH statue! BIG FISH.. I'm learning about that in a school now!! I was glad to see it. When we entered the aquarium, the time was passing 3:30 pm. As we know, it closes at 5:00pm. Entrance fee was 23$. so we didn't have much time to enjoy it. Se we gave it up and planned to come back tomorrow or a couple of days after. To keep the promise, we were going to go to Michigan Avenue, so we decided to get on the CTA bus and got off at the Tribun tower. WOW! There were many tall and beatiful buildings. Around there, including NBC broadcasting TV station which I sometime watch in our country and the Wrigley building which is named for the most famous and popular chewing gum.We walked by the John Hancock Center, looking at other buildings. At about 6o'clock, both groups met! We were about to have dinner together. The dinner mune was Chicago pizza which is famous for stuffed pizza. We hot there. However, many people were already waiting. We also waited for 40 minutes. At last, it was our turn. We entered and ordered the most popular pizza. I was very surprised. I've never seen it!! It was very stuffed adn tasted very delicious!! We told each other about what we did that day and which place was good, things like that.After we ate, we went to the top of the John Hancock Center. We got on the elevator, then went up. While it was going up, my ears felt something weird. It's the same whenever I go to a high place. For a short time, I felt that. Anyway at the Observatory, we could see the Chicago night scene!! It was soooooo cool!! The weather was also perfect. so we could see better than any other days. I could see all of Chicago at once. It was too beatiful. I took a lot of pictures there. I'll remember it forever and can't forget my first day in Chicago.
Juhyoung Kim

Invitation to catherine's house~!

During our trip to catherine's house, I saw many houses. They were separated from each other, and most houses had a garden in their houses. That's very rare in our country.When I entered, I was surprised, too. The interiordesign seemed like houses in movies. There was a hearth, cats and a comportable mood. I love to take photos. So I took lots of photos there of the beatiful interior design.When it was time to eat dinner, I saw the Korean foods; sliced white radish kimchi and rice. WOW! Since I've been here, I've missed Korean food a lot, so that made me happy. After we had dinner, we went around inside house. There was a pool table in one room and table tennis in the basement. We played and had a fun time.I was thankful that she invited us to her house. I was sorry that we didn't bring any gift for the party. I learned when I am invited in the USA, I should bring a hostess gift.Anyway it was the first time I visited someone's house in the USA. I'll never forget what I experienced there.
Juhyoung Kim

Friday, February 18, 2005

Catherine's House

Actually, I’m really interested in experiencing different cultures. I want to experience many things in another country. Last week, I went to Catherine’s home with my friends. She invited us for dinner and it was good experience for me. It was my first time to visit an American house. I think American houses are larger than Korean houses. The house was really too general. At first, I could see the stove. The stove made my heart warmer. And then I ate some food which was made by Catherine. She cooked rice for us. After, I went around the house. And saw many things there. The most impressive thing was the piano. When I saw the piano, I could feel sympathy, because pianos usually cause sympathy. But I don't know the reason. The point is even though American and Korean cultures are so different. There is something we can agree on. In fact, I didn't think American house are so different from Korean houses. But it was a new experience, I think. It was a great time for me.

Yi mi-Rae

Catherine's House

Two weeks ago, I went to Catherine's house.
It was my first (might be last) time to visit an American house. The house was decorated well with many photos and pictures. But at that time, I wasn't comfortable because of two cats. I'm afraid of cats, even though they look nice. Anyway we had a great dinner with nice Kim-chi, played games and took some pictures. We could play table tennis, pool, and card games. I prefer watching sports rather than playing myself, because I'm terrible at sports. After having a good time at Catherine's house, her husband took us to our dorm. It was a good experience.

by Maria

Mrs. Caldwell's House (JunHui)

One of the good experiences I?ve had here was our trip to Mrs. Caldwell?s house the first week. That was my first time to visit an American?s house. The house was so pretty that I was very impressed. Most of walls had decorations such as pictures, dishes, candles, lamps, and little tiny things. And there were many things we could play like a pool table, a ping-pong table, and even a swimming pool ?actually I didn?t see the swimming pool myself, but I heard about it. The atmosphere of her house is so different from mine. Even in her bathroom, I felt like it?s a pretty place to enjoy myself. I thought Americans are sensitive to Beauty ( I don?t know how to describe it, I think Americans have a ?sense of beauty ?). And one more interesting thing was the way she served the food. I was already full to the top with the Korean food Mrs. Caldwell and her husband prepared. But she kept serving us cakes and ice cream. Before that, we also had tea. But she kept asking ?Does anyone want more tea, or more cake?? One last thing I?m interested in is that who cleans the house. The house was very large and the floor was covered with carpet. If people don?t take off their shoes, then the carpet gets dirty very easily. I wonder if she vacuums her house herself. Anyway, it was interesting to see a house which is very different from mine.


A bar


I like to go out and drink beer at night. When I visit some country, I want to know the night culture. I went to a bar with friends, I had a funny time, really. I could listen to music and drink beer. Last thursday, I went to another bar. We waited 40 minutes in front of the bar, but we couldn't enter the bar because the tickets sold out. So we went to Pinch Penny instead. I drank beer at the bar and then we went to a night club. I really had a good experience there. I could enjoy the culture of young people. I took a picture with blond haired women. Sometimes I went to night clubs in Korea and wanted to dance there. But I didn't dance there because I didn't drink enough beer